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The Nervous System Reset 2.0

Coming Soon....

+ Stress management
+ Self soothing
+ Anxiety Relief
+ Support
+ Empowerment

Gain the tools, knowledge & support to reclaim your calm

Nervous System Reset 2.0 is coming mid March 23
More content, more options, more magic.
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Introduction to your nervous system 3 part mini course

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when it all feels too much

Hi, I'm Rachel and I am passionate about the magic, and neccessity, of connecting to, soothing, and befriending our nervous systems.

The nervous system is the powerful link between mind and body, and when its working over time to protect us from perceived danger, we can slip into this constant state of stress, anxiety, fight and flight. 

When we work with our nervous system, we can cultivate a beautiful connection with ourselves, our sense of calm, deeper knowing, and potential.


The Reason I'm Passionate about this Work...


My personal coping mechanism used to be to make myself super busy, long hours at work, playing as hard as I worked, and exercising even harder.

I've also suffered with anxiety for as long as I can remember. 

I knew something needed to change after a trip to the doctor informed me I had sky high blood pressure and a heart murmur, most likely from stress and lifestyle. 

I already practiced yoga so why wasn't it having an effect??

I practiced yoga in the same way I did everything else. 

I stressed about leaving work on time to make it, rushed there with a minute to spare, often did a physically demanding class, and rushed out again to do whatever else was on the agenda.

My job as a chef meant that I often only made it to the studio once a week, and that a strong vinyasa class was probably not what my body or mind needed after a shift. 

My invitation to you is to try something different with this 8 week immersion...

The Key Principles

Image by Joyce G

Accessible Daily Tools

When we have time for a 90 minute yoga class, or a luxurious massage, we feel great. But life, for most of us, looks pretty hectic in between.

My main aim is to get you CONSISTANTLY & SUSTAINABLY practising your daily rituals, either from the 15 minute minis or 5 minutes of your favourite tools.

Open Book

Knowledge is Empowerment

The deeper dives sessions are to give you a greater UNDERSTANDING of exactly whats going on in your body.

Knowledge is power and I personally find it takes my practice to the next level when I have that understanding of WHY I'm doing it! 

Note takers and book list lovers, I got you here. 


Connection, Reflection & Support

Processing what comes up for us during a course like this is KEY.

Sometimes the realisations come up during our live meet ups for review, sometimes in the journal prompts in privacy, sometimes while connecting on the facebook group or via email.

I always aim to give you time and a safe soace to INTEGRATE.

Course Content

The layout of this immersion has been designed to be kind to your nervous system, the 8 week structure has been carefully considered to layer our tools and knowledge, with space to intergrate and replay, return, rest. 

nervous sytem reset (4).png


Who is this immersion for? 


It has been curated with accessibility in mind.

The level of movement and mobility required in the classes is low and gentle, unless you want more, then the library is available.

This course is for you if:

++ you struggle with anxiety, stress, worry, sleep, tension

++ you want to create a sense of safety and softness in your body

++ you want to explore a range of techniques for soothing

++ you want to build your own personalised toolkit for regulation

++ you are completely new to these practices

++ you have been working with these practices for a while

When are the live sessions?

The 1:1 live sessions can be worked around your schedule. 


How long do I have to complete it?

You have permenant access to the content.

It is recommended you use the gentle accountability from Rachel week to week, but life happens sometimes, so it's there for you to catch up on when you can.


What is the investment? 

There will be THREE options for diving into the Nervous System Reset 2.0 once it is ready.

1. One Off Payment .

Self Guided. Moving through the pre recorded content at your own pace

2. The Awaken Membership. 

If you are a woman you can access the content as one of the benefits of your membership

3. One to One Guided Journey.

Full deep dive into the magic. Full content access but with the added guidance of three 1:1 sessions with Rachel, and continous support and guidance throughout. 

To chat more send me an email at or drop your email in the box at the top of the page for a free mini course and introduction to your nervous system. 

ns contact


"I have come out of the immersion feeling capable of coping with whatever life throws my way.

When I feel anxious of stressed now, I have the knowledge to help myself feel safe.


This safety allows me to cope with the chaos of life so much better.

I feel like I've finally started to truly take care of myself and have become my own best friend at last.

It was a very special experience, connecting with and feeling the support of the other members of the group too.

Please know I'm incredibly grateful"

Nervous System Reset March 22 Attendee

"I was in a situation where nothing I tried was making a difference, I'd tried counselling, hypnotherapy, reiki...

I can't thank Rachel enough, she has helped me get to know me.

I now realise that I can't change some of the things around me but I can change my reaction and how I deal with these things.

Together we have explored so much. I can now do things I couldn't face before, and although it still isn't easy, I have my tool kit.

Rachel is always so supportive, approachable and knowledgeable."

Nervous System Reset March 22 Attendee

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