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Daily Ritual Reset

7 days of classes & journal prompts delivered to your inbox

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Service Description

Have the daily or weekly habits you know and love fallen by the wayside as we move into this busy time of year? Has it left you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, tense or ungrounded? I know, that's exactly how I feel when my routine goes out the window. As the days grow colder and shorter, our natural instinct is to draw in, slow down, maybe even hibernate - but unfortunately, modern day standards and demands means this is rarely possible. This gentle mini immersion is designed to help you drop into tools and practices that make you feel at home in your body, connected, soothed and grounded. Release the word 'challenge' and replace it with ritual, practice, self-care time - whatever resonates most with you. Ahisma (kindness) first and always. WHATS INCLUDED? A new class will appear in your inbox each morning from Monday 21st to Sunday 27th November. All classes will be less than 25 minutes, to slot into any point in your day - plus you'll receive an extra 5 days to catch up post immersion. You will also receive two journal prompts for relfection, to ponder with your morning coffee, along with 3 quick tips, including a new moon intention setting exercise! Here is our class schedule and lengths for the curious! Monday ~ 'Check In' Relaxing breaths and a 12 minute meditation to check in with how we're feeling Tuesday ~ 'Stabilisers' A 21 minute treat for our glutes and all the surrounding supporting muscles Wednesday ~ 'Radiate' 20 minutes of warming, energising guided meditation Thursday ~ 'Release Tension' A snippet from the nervous system reset! 15 minutes of delicious self massage Friday ~ 'WFH Remedy' You don't need to be an office worker to benfit from this 25 minute treat utilising a chair for a deep stretch Saturday ~ 'A Spritz' A 20 minute full body spritz to shake off the week Sunday ~ 'Slow Morning' 26 slow and luxurious minutes to yawn the body awake, or soften ready for bed! ** BONUS - when you sign up for this journey ** 1 x personalised pre recorded class especially for you! After signing up, drop me an email or message with your main complaint (sore wrists, stiff neck, pms, period pain, running injury, trouble sleeping..) and I will personally select a bonus class to send you from my library of over 200 sessions! Reach out with any questions or for a chat, I'm here for it xx

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