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The Ebb and Flow

We are cyclical creatures. 

This means we need to support ourselves in different ways throughout the month, both through our movement practice, our self-care routines and how we show up for ourselves. 

"I actually feel excited for my bleed to come now. This is huge progress for me, coming from long and painful periods , to actually looking forward to it! 

I know have both the tools and the ability to listen to my body, through your guidance and support.

All the small changes I've made since practicing with you have made such an impact on my cycle. 

My life is feeling quite sparkly right now and I'm  just so grateful for all that I've learnt."

Your 3 Step Starter Pack

You will need a towel or blanket, and optional journal or pen and paper.

PJs or comfy clothes are encouraged.

You are welcome here exactly as you are.

Hop into the three videos below, reach out with any questions or insights, I love to hear from you. 

If you feel the calling to dive deeper, there is more information at the bottom of the page.

If not, I hope you find these mini sessions helpful.

Rachel x

Why I believe this work is important

Period pain and pre menstrual tension is common, but it isn't normal. 

The are so many tools and practices, so much wisdom, that we can apply to our cycles, yet it hasn't been passed on to us.

Working with our cycle can hold so much power, so much potential, and so much magic.

For those living with pain, or un manageable hormonal fluctuations, this can feel a long way off. 

We start with support, and later move into empowerment. 

I also believe this work should be accessible when your cycle is absent or erratic, whether that be amenorrhea, post partum or menopause. 

The absence of a bleed does not need to mean the absence of our cyclical power. 


Cycle Resources:

In addition to the three part starter pack mentioned above, I have the following resources available within the platform.

6 part 'Moving with Your Menstrual Cycle' Series

Yoga, breath and meditation practices that honour and support each phase of your cycle

15 minute 'Menstrual Minis'

Short practices like the period pain session in your starter pack designed to slot into your day

'Exploring the Yin and Yang of your Cycle'

A 90 minute workshop diving deep into hormonal flow and support

'The Perimenopause Series' 

A 6 part series exploring different practices to navigate this often challenging transition

The Awaken your Intuition Membership

All of the above content in addition to twice monthly live circles


The Ebb & Flow Package

All of the above content in addition to monthly 1:1 sessions to dive deeper into your cycle and your needs

Feeling the Call to Dive Deeper?

Both our monthly cycles,and our larger life cycles, are highly individual - as are our needs.

I have created three options for us to connect and dive deeper to reflect this.

- - -

Option 1:

Receive a highly tailored and private approach to supporting your cycle or perimenopause journey with 1:1 sessions.

You can read more about this here.

- - -

Option 2:

Join the Awaken Membership for access to twice monthly live online womens circles, weekly focuses, connection, and a full stocked library including a 6 part moving with your menstrual cycle series, and a 6 part peri menopasue series. 

You can read more about the membership here.

- - -

Option 3:

Combine the magic of both these options with the Ebb & Flow Bundle.

You will receive full access to the membership, plus a 60 minute 1:1 session each month.

More details on this bundle here.

- - -

If you are not sure which option is right for you, or you would simply like to chat, please reach out to me on

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