The Ebb and Flow

We are cyclical creatures. 

This means we need to support ourselves in different ways throughout the month, both through our movement practice, our self-care routines and how we show up for ourselves. 

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understanding our cycles

We explore the 'inner seasons' or four phases of our menstrual cycle and how our physical and emotions state ebbs and flows over the month.

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pranayama for pms

The luteal phase or 'inner Autumn' can be a struggle. Irritable, Anxious, Frustrated. It shows up differently for us all.

Drop into your 10 minute releasing breathing exercise for PMS below. 

movement for period pain

We use easeful movement to create warmth and gentle compression to aid circulation and ease pain. 

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The Magic Doesn't End There... 

No two beautiful bodies are the same, and our cycles are so much more than pms and periods.


There is magic to be uncovered as well as soothing.

Keen to dive deeper? 

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Prefer a tailored approach to your cycle support? 

In a 1:1 session we can cover any specific issues you might be facing, and create a specific self care plan. 

Want to dive deeper into how you can harness your hormones for your work, movement practice and emotional wellbeing? 

We can explore that and so much more too... 


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