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Nervous System Reset 2.0

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The nervous system is the powerful link between mind and body, and when its working over time to protect us from perceived danger, we can slip into this constant state of stress, anxiety, fight and flight. When we work with our nervous system, we can cultivate a beautiful connection with ourselves, our sense of calm, deeper knowing, and potential. The layout of this immersion has been designed to be kind to your nervous system, the 8 week structure has been carefully considered to layer our tools and knowledge, with space to integrate and replay, return, rest. Who is this immersion for? Everyone. It has been curated with accessibility in mind. The level of movement and mobility required in the classes is low and gentle, unless you want more, then the library is available. This course is for you if: ++ you struggle with anxiety, stress, worry, sleep, tension ++ you want to create a sense of safety and softness in your body ++ you want to explore a range of techniques for soothing ++ you want to build your own personalised toolkit for regulation ++ you are completely new to these practices ++ you have been working with these practices for a while




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