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Private Session


Tailored 1:1 Sessions

It's so much more than a group session for one

Drop in Options


What we can cover together:
- nervous system regulation, your routine, rituals, habits & triggers
- menstrual cycle awareness, supporting challenges & cultivating empowerment
- peri menopause journey, tools for physical support & emotional/spiritual connection
- tools, techniques, yogic philosophy, extra resources & reading


Online Extras

Short pre recorded practices to complete in your own time

Bullet point email with tasks



In person Extras

Cacao or herbal tea

Cranio Sacral relaxation

Sound & Scent

To chat more about these sessions, or if you cannot see a time slot that works for you, please email me.

I can't wait to connect with you on a deeper level,

and provide you with the support and self care tools you deserve, 

Rachel x 

3 month containers

  • 3 months access to Awaken lectures and workshops

  • Three Tailored 90 minute 1:1 session focusing on cycle or perimenopause support

  • Full members library access

  • Continuous Support via Email or Whatsapp

  • Monthly Tailored Journal Prompts for Reflection

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  • Full Access to in depth self guided 8 week nervous system course 2.0 

  • Three Tailored 60  minute 1:1 sessions

  • Full members library access

  • Continued 1:1  Support via Email or Whatsapp

  • Monthly Tailored Journal Prompts for Reflection

From current 1:1 clients

"I was in a situation where nothing I tried was making a difference, I'd tried counselling, hypnotherapy, reiki...

I can't thank Rachel enough, she has helped me get to know me.

I now realise that I can't change some of the things around me but I can change my reaction and how I deal with these things.

Together we have explored so much. I can now do things I couldn't face before, and although it still isn't easy, I have my tool kit.

Rachel is always so supportive, approachable and knowledgeable."

- - - 

"You speak my language, I feel like I was just meant to meet you.

You definitely pulled me out of a dark hole, or rather enabled me to get myself out, and I am forever grateful."

- - - 

"My weekly one to one sessions with Rachel are the highlight of my week!

We've worked through so much together, and I always end up feeling so much more calm and centred at the end of our time together which really sets me up for the week ahead.

I've been able to take what I've learned in class into the rest of my life, like self care and kindess, and acceptance of what is."

- - -

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