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Online Platform

Extensive library stocked with over 90 classes - so you can be sure to find something to suit your mood, energy levels and time restraints for that day.

Enjoy a whole two weeks completely free to see if it's a good fit for you. 

Whats Included?

Yoga Blocks

On Demand Library

Pranayama (breathwork) 

Mobility work and joint health 

Vinyasa style movement with breath 

Classes using the support of a chair

Strengthening high energy flows 

Short guided meditations 

Restorative sessions

Yoga for your menstrual cycle

Beginners course


Zoom Classes

Join as many weekly live zoom sessions as you like!

'Mood Booster'

Strong, uplifting

'Quick Reset' 

Nervous system mini


Monthly Full moon flow and ritual

'Self Care Sundays' 

Calming, Restorative 

'Rest & Digest'

Deep rest with a focus on meridians

'Intention Setting'

Monthly new moon meditation



Regardless of which membership you choose you will also receive: 

~ Weekly email with new uploads and a theme to ponder for the week 

~ Class reminders and updates via whatsapp (optional) 

~ Support for your practice via email whenever you need 

~ Priority and discounts on workshops and retreats

~ A FREE one to one session after two months of continued membership 


Looking for a live class? 
Drop in options available here:


Pebble Beach

'Filled with goodness'

“Rachels classes have been the little push I needed to slow down and listen to my body.

I feel so much better after being able to enjoy rest. I feel filled with goodness!”

Kathryn, Sports Massage Therapist

Pebble Beach

'Strong and long'

“Your classes leave me feeling a mixture of both flowy and zen, yet uplifted and strong!

I feel so long and centred, thank you.”

Andy, Melbourne

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