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Support the Ebb & Flow of your Cycle

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In this course we combine movement practices with Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupressure points, gentle compression for circulation and meridian line stimulation. This immersion also includes journal prompts, bonus mini sessions, guided check ins and extra resources. This series was created to + Support challenges such as painful periods and pre menstrual tension or anxiety + Aid fertility and support conception + Highlight the potential super powers of each phase + Tap into your cyclical wisdom - - - - - We are cyclical beings. Our energy levels, needs and emotional capacity can shift and change so much over our cycles. Our movement practice, self care rituals and support systems need to shift too. Period pain and pre menstrual tension are common - but it isn't normal, and doesn't need to rule our lives. The are so many tools and practices, so much wisdom, that we can apply to our cycles, yet it hasn't been passed on to us. Working with our cycle can hold so much power, potential, and magic. For those living with pain, or un manageable hormonal fluctuations, this can feel a long way off. We start with support, and later move into empowerment. I also believe this work should be accessible when your cycle is absent or erratic, whether that be amenorrhea, post partum or menopause. The absence of a bleed does not need to mean the absence of our cyclical power. You can follow the moon phases as a guide. _ _ _ _ _ _




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