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Balancing Act: Maintaining Equilibrium

Balance. It's a word that comes up A LOT hey? The ever present challenge of finding that elusive work/life balance, consuming a balanced diet (kombucha cancels out copious amounts of chocolate, right?) and more currently, that tricky balancing act of being able to socialise and live 'normal' lives again, met with feelings of being overwhelmed, fatigued and generally 'too busy'.

In my personal experience it's often felt more like barely clinging on to the tight rope than gliding across it with ease. As a self confessed workaholic and someone that also loves to play hard, working as a chef over the last five years meant my self-care (in all its forms) pretty much flew straight out of the kitchen window. Often getting by on a few hours sleep, multiple cups of coffee, and whatever came out of the fryer, things like rest, exercise, nutrition and self kindness took a firm back seat. ** side note: before you see this as an attack on the hospitality industry, I have to make a point that it was probably about 30% the downside of the industry, and 70% my own inability to stop, step back, look after myself.**