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It's Been a While!

If I am honest, I just kind of fell off of the blog post bandwagon!

Recently, I've felt I've had too much to say, to fit into snappy emails or small instagram captions.

Our attention spans are getting smaller by the day and social media sometimes demands this fast, click baity approach that I just struggle to get on board with.

So what better way to return to the blog than with some of my favourite nervous system regulation tools?!

Make yourself a cuppa, step away from the rush and urgency, just for a moment and see if you might schedule any of these practices in this week,...

9 Tips for Self Soothing

1. Soft breathing with big exhales.

Now there are 100's of breathing techniques you can explore, but when we feel very stressed or anxious they can feel overwhelming. Focus on lengthening your exhale, blow, sigh, make a HA sound, whatever works.

2. A big self cuddle!

Wrap yourself up tightly and squeeze your shoulders, arms, chest.

Notice how you feel when you release.

3. Shift your gaze.

Look all the way left, gently, but don't strain. Then all the way right. Pause there until you feel a difference (it makes me yawn!) Generally, it's good to move your eyes away from screens every 20 minutes to re-orient yourself.

4. Forehead hold.

Place the heel of one hand on your forehead, around your third eye, or the space between and above your eyebrows, and the other at the back of your head. Gently push the two together. This is am example of proprioceptive input 'where is my head in space right now?'

5. A weighted blanket.

Or failing that, a regular blanket but wrap yourself up like a burrito, nice and tight.

This is another great example of proprioceptive input.

6. Therapeutic touch.

Notice where you feel tension in your jaw, skull or neck. Close your eyes and intuitively use your thumbs and fingers to massage the area. Open and close your jaw.

7. Lie on the ground.

The simplicity of being closer to the earth can work wonders. If it's uncomfortable, prop yourself up with a pillow under the knees or a rolled blanket under the base of the skull.

8. Shake it out!

Sometimes stillness is the last thing we need when we feel stressed. Jump, shimmy, shake, if it feels ok thump your heels on the ground. Wiggle and sway. It doesn't need to have rhythm or look a certain way.

9. Foot Release.

Stimulate the anxiety point at the base of your foot with a tennis ball of similar. Press and hold with the amount of weight that feels right for you, roll from front to back, scribble over the heel and toes!

10. and a bonus number 10 for my female loves - track your cycle!

Anxiety can rise at certain points of our cycle, and in Peri-Menopause so it's useful to be aware, so you and those around you can help support how you are feeling.

You can find video examples of a lot of these tools on my instagram @awaken_your_intuition Let me know how you get on with these by sending me a message!

I'm always interested.


Feeling Called to dive deeper?

We cover daily accessible tools like this in the nervous system reset, in addition to: ~ Breathwork techniques ~ Nerve Flossing ~ Sensory Connection ~ Restorative Yoga ~ Interoceptive Meditation ~ Happy Hormones ~ Holding Tension ~ Building Habits ~ Self Care Rituals ~ Journaling ~ Hormonal Flow ~ Fight / Flight / Freeze Tendencies ~ Sleep & Circadian Rhythm

I have JUST finished creating a fully self paced online course version of the 8 week immersion!

If you are ready to reclaim your calm, focus on anxiety and stress management, sleep better and generally feel better mentally and physically, you can read more via the link below.

Please always feel free to reach out with any queries, I'm here for it.

Rachel x

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