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The Importance of Introspection

Hands up who else is feeling like they just want to curl up in bed 24/7 at the moment?

Seriously though, is everything done yet?

Is it time to just eat mince pies and watch 80's movies??

That's how I'm feeling anyway.

Let's have a chat about how the silly season is (has become) pretty opposite to how we might naturally feel at this time of year.

(Aus friends, read on, even though you are at your peak of summer, the huge shift in energy levels you've just had to go through means pressing pause will be helpful for you too)

Turning inward and Looking out

Introspection and Extraversion

Contraction and Expansion

Closing off and Opening up

Flexion and Extension

Breathe Out Breathe In

These polarities may all seem pretty familiar to us by now.

Whether from your yoga practice, or maybe the practice we've had enforced on us over the last couple of years - coming in and out of lockdowns, opened and closed business, outside and inside social lives.

It's not been easy but coming back to the inhale and exhale has helped me no end.

One follows the other.

Nothing is permanent.

We open, we close.

Expand, Contract.

We may also experience this shift as we move through the seasons.

Expansive long days during summer.

Contracting inwards as the days become shorter and colder.

We're usually pretty good at cosying up with warming foods, comforting layers, and maybe even earlier nights ...

But how about your work schedule?

Your social life?

Your to-do lists?

Your productivity levels?

Do these things shift in line with this time of contraction?

Speaking from personal experience, December goes a little like this ...

- Increased work load to 'get everything done' before ed of year. An extremely busy time for many industries.

- Increased social calendar, parties, markets, family visits

- Increased to-do lists, shopping, cooking, organising, reorganising, travelling


And then, once you do finally get to stop?

Burnout, exhaustion, very little space or energy for conversation, quality time, or JOY.

And of course I'm not suggesting we cancel christmas

(I know I posted a story of myself as the grinch but I actually love this time of year as much as anyone)

Lets look back at that list and see whats left?

Our productivity.

If the work stuff, social stuff and christmas stuff are all non negotiables, maybe we can negotiate a little with ourselves here?

We've come to expect this high functioning, consistant level of productivity in ourselves to stay the same throughout each month, season and year.

We try to go at everything giving 100% energy 100% of the time.

It just isn't sustainable.

And if you're moving into winter, long nights, less sunlight,

It really isn't natural either.

So, aside from stealing christmas, what can we do?

In these time I find returning to the Yamas and Niyamas (yogic philosophy guidelines) so incredibly helpful.

Here are 3 (of 10) that might help you manage through the remainder of December.

Feel free to grab a journal and notebook and jot down some answers to these questions:

As always approach yourselves with as much kindness as you would others.

(So easy to say, much harder to do)

If you would like a little more guidance here, come join my ....

Winter Solstice

Reflection & Intention Setting

You can sign up for FREE below, with an option to donate later if you feel you can.

I am well aware this is a financially difficult time for many, and I would love to share some calming tools, and a soft place to land and ground with you.

Monday 20th 7.30pm - 8.30pm BST

If you cannot make the time, please book anyway, add 'recording please' in the comments and I will send it to you after class.

Take care (and some deep breaths)

You got this,

Rachel x

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