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The Ebb and Flow


We are cyclical creatures. 

Learn how to use movement, pranayama and meditation to support your evolving needs throughout each month

Support AND empowerment.

Menstrual Cycle Support

Peri Menopause Support

How to connect with our cyclical nature when our cycles become erratic.

Tools to aid physiological symptoms, guidance through emotional and energetic challenges.

Support AND empowerment.

In Person Classes & Workshops

I am currently travelling and working online from Mexico and Central America.

Please email me at or hop onto my facebook account below for up to date session times and booking 1:1s, if you cannot see the option you are looking for on the website.

I look forward to meeting you!

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Kind Words from Current Students

Pebble Beach

'Filled with goodness'

“Rachels classes have been the little push I needed to slow down and listen to my body.

I feel so much better after being able to enjoy rest. I feel filled with goodness!”

Kathryn, Sports Massage Therapist

Pebble Beach

'Helped me relax for the first time in a year'

“I really enjoy your classes, your restorative class has helped me relax for maybe the first time in a year. Thank you so much for that.”

Gemma, London


My aim is to make yoga accessible and personal to each student, empowering them to create their own movement schedule or inner retreat, whenever and wherever they choose.

Meet Rachel

Forever a student

Obsessed with the nervous system 

Passionate about menstrual cycle support

Light-hearted vibe 

Long slow exhales 

Moon lover 

Yoga in pjs 

Self Care Rituals 

Take what you need 


Over 350 hours in:


Vinyasa Yoga

Kindred Movement (AU) 

Womens Health & TCM

Yoga Medicine (US) 

Nervous System & Restorative

Yoga Medicine (US) 

Functional Anatomy & Fascia

Yoga International (US) 

Embodied Yoga for Peri Menopause

Yoga Teachers Forum (UK)

Womb Sciences

Womben Wellness (US) 

Pebble Beach

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