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I am so happy you are here.

My name is Rachel and this platform is a supportive, nurturing and empowering space to heal and expand through a magical combination of yoga, nervous system regulation and cyclical wisdom.

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Calm on Demand

80 classes over 9 categories to get you started - new category added every month.


Choose from restorative to strength based to cycle support to vinyasa to sleep to nervous system care and more.


Fit your practice around your schedule.

Level up to include courses & a monthly live workshop.


I want to arm you with your own personal toolbox.

To encourage you to cultivate a relationship with yourself, your body, your nervous system, your cycle, your intuition.

We weave together short rituals for your every day, journaling prompts for deeper reflection, and consistant, joyful, kind, nurturing practices to nourish this connection.

With 1:1 tailored sessions we are able to dive deeper, at a pace that suits you.

Meet Rachel

Hi, I'm Rachel. I've been practicing yoga for over 15 years, and see myself as forever a student.

I'm officially obsessed with the nervous system, firmly believing it is the gateway to fully understanding ourselves as a whole.

I'm passionate about menstrual cycle support, from tools to ease period pain, balancing the yin and yang of our cycles, transitioning through peri menopause, to our sacred womb heart connection.

My purpose here is to create a safe and nurturing space for you to land, unravel and share. To provide both support and empowerment. 

Some of my other favourite things...

Long slow exhales 

Gazing at the moon

Yoga in pjs 

Self Care rituals 


Woodland walks

Exploring new lands


Over 350 hours in:


Vinyasa Yoga

Kindred Movement (AU) 

Female Health & TCM

Yoga Medicine (US) 

Nervous System & Restorative

Yoga Medicine (US) 

Functional Anatomy & Fascia

Yoga International (US) 

Embodied Yoga for Peri Menopause

Yoga Teachers Forum (UK)

Womb Sciences

Womben Wellness (US) 

Yoga for Cancer

Yoga Teachers Forum (UK)

Love from Current Students

Pebble Beach

'Filled with goodness'

“Rachels classes have been the little push I needed to slow down and listen to my body.

I feel so much better after being able to enjoy rest. I feel filled with goodness!”

Kathryn, Sports Massage Therapist

Pebble Beach

'Helped me relax for the first time in a year'

“I really enjoy your classes, your restorative class has helped me relax for maybe the first time in a year. Thank you so much for that.”

Gemma, London

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