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Awaken Your Intuition

Unlock the power of your inner magic

Join before 10th Feb and receive a 20% discount for the first three months with the code 

A womans power is undeniable.

When we sit in circle and build each other up,

Join our sacred container of  connection, discovery, sisterhood, cyclical living, support & empowerment.

Whats Included?
Two live calls per month diving into...

Getting Clear on Your Desires with Intention Setting Ceremonies
~ The Importance and Value of Your Sacred Rage

~ Why Rest is Radical & the Seven Types of Rest
~ Intuitive Movement for Tension Release
 & Finding Your Flow
~ Balancing the Yin & Yang of Your Cycle
~ Tools to Soothe and Regulate Your Nervous System
~ Moving through
Transitions & Larger Life Cycles

~ Weekly journal prompts and workbooks for reflection  and to dive deeper
~ Additional resources and deeper dive recordings
~ Access to a library of 120 classes with recommended classes of the week
~ Continued personalised support

More details on what is included

More details on the why
of this offering


"I wanted to message you to let you know that you've enabled me to notice where I need to put the work in to care for myself first, rather than just exhausting myself and using my practice to save myself.

I'm so grateful that your work has shifted my mindset.

The library has also saved me over the holiday period.

Thank you."

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