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Awaken Your Intuition

Unlock the power of your inner wisdom

Monthly Membership 

~ Connection
~ Sisterhood
~ Movement
~ Meditation
~ Cyclical Living
~ Support
~ Empowering transitions
~ Nervous System Regulation

Why do we need this work?

A womans power is undeniable.

But when we sit in circle and build each other up,


My WHY behind this container (and all of the work I do)

is this...

I see so many women living in servitude for so much of their lives.

Putting everyone and everything before themselves.​

And of course,

We have these roles to play - as a mother, a friend, an employee...

But we also need time for ourselves.

We need boundaries.

We need self-care.

We need time out.

and we need REST.

My gosh we need rest.

We need these things not just for our mental and physical health,

and to avoid burnout, and illness...

We need these things to give ourselves SPACE.

Space to soothe our frazzled nervous systems.

Space for joy, wonder, love & peacefulness.

Space to be inspired, creative & dream big.

Space to feel into our power, our potential.

Past being a caregiver.

We are DESERVING of this, and so much more.

Deserving of care and being held, by oursleves and others.

Derserving of knowing our inherent worth.

Knowing our MAGIC

And Awakening our INTUITION

I hope to facilitate this for you,

In any way that I can.

Live Calls

We meet twice a month to dive deep into topics like..

 ~ Getting Clear on Your Desires with Intention Setting Ceremonies

~ The Importance and Value of Your Sacred Rage

~ Why Rest is Radical & the Seven Types of Rest

~ Intuitive Movement for Tension Release & Finding Your Flow

~ Connecting to the Phases and the Magic of the Moon

~ Balancing the Yin & Yang of Your Cycle

~ Tools to Soothe and Regulate Your Nervous System

~ Moving through Perimenopause & Life Transitions


& so much more..

All sessions are recorded with a reminder sent to your inbox the following day,

available for you to catch up on or rewatch as many times as you like.

In addition to this you will also receive

Library Access

Full access to over 100 classes including the cycle support series, restorative yoga & meditations

Extra Resources

Access to the Nervous System Reset course 2.0 and invitations to additional live yoga pop ups

Journal Prompts

Questions for reflection every week, direct to your inbox, for deeper reflection, insights and processing

Homework Schedule

A suggested task sheet to follow each week, on track with our focuses for the month, to give you direction

Support Circle

Private facebook group - a safe space for connection, questions, support, celebrations & sharing

1:1 Support

Continued, personalised support from Rachel, via email or message, plus discounted 1:1 sessions


Who is this membership for?

This circle is for women.

AWAKEN your INTUITION is for you if:

++ You want to dive deep into the magic of the nervous system and anxiety / stress relief

++ You feel called to connect more deeply to your cycle to support challenges you may have

++ You do not have a cycle or your cycle is changing and you want to learn how to connect to your cyclical power

++ You are peri or post menopausal

++ You want to be heard and held in a circle of supportive sisterhood

++ You struggle to make it to in person sessions because of commitments or barriers

++ You wish to pass this wisdom onto your children or grandchildren

++ You want to get to know the real YOU again, to connect to your deep inner knowing, potential and power.

What is the minimum commitment?


Awaken your Intuition is a rolling monthly membership.

You can cancel or pause your membership anytime you need. 

You are free to take as much or as little as you want from the content and the extras, but to truly step into the power these kinds of containers hold, I advise you set aside the time for yourself each month or week to the best of your ability. 

What is the investment?

You can enjoy a SEVEN DAY FREE TRIAL when you sign up, you will receive a welcome pack to get started, and access to Rachels extensive library to take look around. 

After the 7 days a monthlypayment of  £36 will be processed. 

(if you are joining from outside the UK this will automatically be processed in your currency with the WIX exchange rate.)

Look out for a banner at the top of this page for temporary discount code offers! 


Connect with us by joining our supportive fb group


"I wanted to message you to let you know that you've enabled me to notice where I need to put the work in to care for myself first, rather than just exhausting myself and using my practice to save myself.

I'm so grateful that your work has shifted my mindset.

The library has also saved me over the holiday period.

Thank you."


“I actually look forward to my bleed now, which is huge progress for me, coming from long and painful periods. I now have both the tools and the ability to listen to my body, through your guidance and support. All of the small changes I have made since practicing with you have made such an impact on my cycle.

My life is quite sparkly now and I'm just so grateful for all that I've learnt"


The best way to stay in touch is via my mailing list. 

Drop your email here for a FREE cycle support class package

Thanks for submitting!

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