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Witches, Rituals, and Healing Wounds

Yes this post has very much been inspired by Halloween on the horizon ... which feels particularly special this year as we've GROWN OUR OWN PUMPKIN PATCH.

If any of you follow me on social media you'll know how exciting I've found watching my partner and his father (and myself to some extent) transforming the veg garden to its former glory. Growing all the colour under the sun, the fails and the successes, and enjoying delicious naturally grown food has given me so much needed joy this year.

And how can I not mention the foraged foods we've been lucky enough to find like giant parasol mushrooms and 'chicken of the woods', the 7 kilos of blackberries now sitting in the freezer, sloe berries for gin, and tangy damsons for jams and tarts.

A Recap on Rituals...